Staying Healthy at Home

Fitness Apps

If you’ve recently switched to working at home, it’s important to establish healthy fitness and nutrition rituals. Due to the pandemic, several home fitness apps are being given away for free:

Suggested Routines

In this video: 4 exercises, 1 minute each, up to 4 times (16 min total max, 4 min minimum)
  1. Yoga Pose – twisting back and forth, inhale to the left, exhale to the right. After a minute of this you should feel calmer, and your posture should be better.
  2. Push-ups – on knees, or off. Give a little energy. Pushing motions are good for anxiety
  3. Breath of fire – it’s almost like panting like a dog does, as you pump your belly button in and out. Gets you out of fight or flight.
  4. Squats – the world is changing, but squats remain 😊. Finish with this to give yourself a boost of energy and an endorphin release.

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